Red Gum Room, Narellan Library 15thOctober 2019

Meeting Opened: 9-40am

Apologies: Jan P, Gary I, Trish R, Ken M.

Present: Susan S, Jo P, Susannah T, Maureen B, Jan L, Jose’ N, Evan L, Chris M-H, Georgina R.

Reading of Reports:

President outlined the year’s activities.

Secretary outlined the Facebook and Web page information.

Treasurer indicated that we had a balance of $527.55 in our account after paying all outstanding debts.

Election of Office Bearers:

In the interest of continuity, it would be ideal if those nominated to executive positions should have been a member of Camden Writers for at least 12 months and attend regularly. The following positions were filled.

President: Evan Lepherd

Vice President: Gary Ireland,

Secretary: Jose’ Nodar,

Treasurer:Chris Marston-Hillier,

Committee: (3): Jan Pike, Jan Lepherd, Susan Schrader

Webmaster: Jose’ Nodar,

Publisher: Evan Lepherd, with the proviso that someone else be trained in this position.

Welfare: Jan Lepherd

Catering: Georgina Rozas

Public Officer: Jose’ Nodar,

Editors: Gary Ireland, Jan Lepherd, Susan Schrader.

General Business:

1) This meeting agrees that the President, Vice President and Treasurer shall be the signatures for our account at the IMB Bank. Any two of which are to sign cheques. It is noted that the names of Sandra Gaal Hayman and Peter Kiff are to be removed from the account.

Moved: Susan Schrader   Seconded: Jan Lepherd Discussion: Limited

In Favour: Unanimous

2) Annual Dinner. At the Crown Hotel, Camden on the 19th November at 12 noon. Welfare and Catering Officers to organise list of attendees so the Crown can be advised. Agreed.

3) Break-up of the partyon the 3rd December. Who do we invite? A short list was approved.

4) Invite 2 of our members to read from our latest anthology, at our break up. Susan and Jan Pike.

5) Any other business? Possibility was raised to have an additional meeting at the new Spring Farm venue on a weekend. This is to be investigated.

6) It was announced that the Red Gum room had been reserved for us for 2020.

Meeting Closed: at 11-00am.