Jose’ Nodar

The purpose of these mini-books and mini-audio books is for you, our support readers, to experience our individual members’ writing style and their quirkiness and laugh, cry and feel their emotions. So let us introduce you to Jose’ Nodar.

Jose’ Nodar since his arrival on Planet Earth 70 years ago, Jose’ is just starting to explore his ability to communicate in written form. He has found that many a time his mind is much faster than his fingers and his English much slower than his Spanish. Jose’ is having fun listening to his own words come to life on paper and hopes that you do so as well. He joined Camden Writers Inc. in 2018 and is slowly learning the art of the words.

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Table of Contents

My Favourite Holiday Place
My Neighbours
Science Fiction Writers of the Future
Strange Things Happen in the Okefenokee Swamp
Thank You Guman
The Four Dicks
The Hunter
The Outworlders
What is Missing?