What a Year it Was!

Today was a hot one – now, that is for sure,

I see that the temperature has passed Forty-four!

The bushfires that followed the long-standing drought

Are the worst we have seen, – of that there is no doubt.

And the heavy rains that followed doused the last big fire.

But left a trail of damage, and mud and muck and mire.

I dearly love my country, – it is cities, mountains, plains.

But sometimes, just surviving here.

Brings sorrow, loss and pains.


We mainly are a hardy race, we come from pioneer stock.

Do not ever try to change us and do not try to mock.
Our country people all agree to start again, with bravery.

To build again, with a better plan,

For farming food and stock.


Josephine Pattison © 2020.

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