Monsters at Play

The doorbell is ringing, piercing, shrill.

And in my dread, I stand still,

And terror catches in my breath,

As the pounding on the door

Makes my heart beat with a deafening roar.

I wish it all would go away

But on the streets, monsters shout and play,

Witches, wizards, warlocks, ghosts,

Goblins, ghouls and evil hosts,

All called forth from an Underworld

Where evil thrives and wands are twirled

Castings spells for some random treat

I shudder and shrink and stamp my feet.

Go away! Go away!

But still those monsters stay and play.

Eerie cries echo now

As vampires and werewolves

Screech and howl,

And zombies dance with the necromancer.

It is All Hallows Eve.

I should be brave and answer

The hollow knock,

I need to face the shock

Of spirits and apparitions

But I am locked in with my superstitions.

Face my fears, I know I must

For this night is the one where trust

It thrust through the door

If I can brave the locks once more.

I hesitate but, in my wait,

The pounding grows insistent

My dread has made it more persistent.

So, with my heart beating loud,

I open the door and what should be found,

Frankenstein with a bolted neck,

A ghoulishly green ogre Shrek,

A wicked wizard with magic rings

And a fairy with bright butterfly wings.

I gasp in horror,

Hold my heart against the terror

I hide my head, I shudder in fear,

This is all too much,

They shouldn’t be here

And then, as one “Trick or Treat” they scream

And I wish that it was all a dream

Sensing my dread, they giggle and laugh

As up behind them walks a strange giraffe

“It’s us Grandma” Their faces light up

And I relax just a little

Shake my head and say “No!”

“It is! It is” and their laughter sparkles

Like tinkling rainbow castles

Against the howling moon,

It is over all too soon,

As out from my goodie bag

I drag a swag

Of lollies and chocolate and other nice sweets,

For these little monsters deserve nothing but treats!

© Susan Schrader                               10th October 2019

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