Yes, Wind, you win!  I cannot take

your angry force of late.

You lift my roof, then SLAM it down

as if to vent your hate!

You win!  You WIN!  You flap the tin!

I will let you have your way!

I will take a break and let you make

your exit if I may.

ALRIGHT!  You win!

I MUST give in!

We had but one day clear.

Then back you came, to taunt again, with lusty, laughing leer!

I gave up hope, it is hard to cope, when all you do is sneer!

But – I am not beat! I WON‘T retreat!

I WELCOME coming rain!

Next time, YOU call,

 I am standing TALL!

And YOU’LL cause ME no pain!

Jo Pattison © 2019

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