I’m striding out in Lycra.

Those skin-tight shiny clothes.

On a quest to lose some padding

From this and these and those.

Briskly down from Lighthouse point

My headband very neat,

I’m stepping past Ex-Tensions,

With Nikes on my feet.


I walk my doggy Snuggles

On a telescopic lead.

He’s a Schnitzer-Poodle-Schnauzer,

And really puddles when he pees.

My Snuggles is a robust dog,

He halts beside a post.

I gaze upon the rolling waves

As he despoils the scenic coast.

I have a yellow doggy bag

Hidden somewhere here.

I fear to put it in a pocket,

Another bulge appears.


Should I collect my Snuggles leavings?

Or just leave them on the ground?

I’d sooner not reveal,

A backside large and round.


There is a hazard in low-cut Lycra.

One I hadn’t thought about.

If I were bending down

My bosom may fall out!


My shorts are tight,

They’re sure to split.

So from that smelly doggy log

I’ll do a morning flit.


Now when you’re visiting Ex-tensions

For some lo-cal raisin bread,

A decaf or a latte,

Just be careful where you tread!


I shall be at Hungry Hollow

With a tasty glass of red,

My Nikes propped on Snuggles,

And nothing in my head.

Ken Morrell © 2020

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