We writers of the Camden Writers Inc (CWI) get inspiration from many sources. Our life experiences, our current and past work exploits and of course from many other well known and published authors and some of the world’s best mentors. We gather some of our favourites with some links for you to review and see how they may be of help in your own writing.

These individuals are mentors which help many new and established writers with their own works.

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Duncan had stories bubbling around his head since he first saw Star Wars on the big screen, aged seven!

As a teenager in the 1980s, of course Duncan played Dungeons and Dragons but felt that fantasy was not really a genre for him – until a friend gave him a copy of Legend by David Gemmell. That showed him that fantasy could be dark and gritty – and he was hooked.

Like many journalists, Duncan was a frustrated author and had spent many years trying to write something contemporary, with a singular lack of success.

Then, in 2002, he interviewed legendary US fantasy author Raymond E Feist. He had a great chat and Duncan came away hugely inspired to try and write some fantasy.

The birth of Duncan’s son put a brief delay in those plans but, in 2004, he began writing what became The Dragon Sword Histories.

In 2006 Duncan contacted HarperCollins and spent the next year working with them before, in 2007, HarperCollins signed him for a three-book contract.

The series went extremely well, finishing with The Radiant Child, which spent the entire month of release on the Dymocks Fantasy Bestseller list, including two weeks at No.4, where it was the top-selling title by an Australian author.

After that, HarperCollins again signed Duncan up for another trilogy, the Empire Of Bones.

That kicked off with Bridge of Swords, which jumped into the bestseller list as well.

Duncan finished that series by touring right around Australia, visiting over 50 bookstores in 50 days.

After three fantasy trilogies, it is time to change genres.

The tricky publishing landscape in Australia and the lack of bookstores means that fantasy – despite Game of Thrones being the biggest television series in the world – is not really viable Down Under.

But this gave Duncan the opportunity to try something similar, yet different.

After searching for suitable books for his son, Duncan is writing books for tweens, or pre-teens, aged eight to 13 years. Naturally, it will have the humour, action, and adventure from my earlier books – just without the bloody violence. At the moment Duncan has a different take on the Arthurian legend, as well as working on a story about the Roman invasion of Britain.

Once more news about either, here will be the place to read about it.

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In the meantime, all the previous books are still available. If you want a signed copy of The Last Quarrel, The Bloody Quarrel or The Poisoned Quarrel, you can get in touch with Duncan via the Contact page.

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Todd Alexander was born in 1973 and has been writing for as long as he can remember. His work has been published in magazines and periodicals and his first novel, Pictures of Us was published in 2006. In 2019 Todd released his bestselling memoir – Thirty Thousand Bottles of Wine and a Pig Called Helga. It was long-listed for three industry prizes for best non-fiction book. This was followed in 2021 by You’ve Got To Be Kidding A Shedload of Wine and a Farm Full of Goats (HarperCollins).

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C .Hope Clark is the Editor of FundsforWriters, one of the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers and author of The Carolina Slade Mysteries and The Edisto Island Mysteries. She’s published in The Writer Magazine, Writer’s Digest, Guide to Literary Agents, Writer’s Market, Chicken Soup, and other trade and online publications. Hope has a wealth of information to share with you. Please click on the link below for more information. 

John Matthew Fox is a prolific writer with more than 40 stories published in journals the likes of Crazyhorse, Arts & Letters, Los Angeles Review, Hobart and his very first one by the Chicago Tribune which earned him $1000 (John is not saying how he spent the money celebrating)!  As the former editor of the Southern California Review John has a depth of knowledge to share.

John has recently published his new book “I Will Shout Your Name” which is published by Press53.

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Sandra Beckwith is a book marketing coach who also teaches authors how to market their books through her site. Sandra has helped some of the writers of the Camden Writers Inc with her many marvellous articles and posts.

She is the author of three traditionally published and three self-published books and has appeared on popular American TV shows such as “The Montel Williams Show” as a guest expert, on “CBS This Morning,” on MSNBC, and on several national cable TV shows including “Home & Family” and “Crook & Chase.” Sandra is an excellent presenter and speaker appearing in Book Expo America, the American Society of Journalists & Authors, the UW-Madison Writers Institute, Author U, and many others. Sandra has a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

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Sandra Beckwith

Do-it-yourself book marketing tips, tools, and tactics

Build Book Buzz


Seth Godin for most of his professional has been as a writer. He has published 20 bestselling books (translated into 35 languages) which have stood the test of time on numerous topics. Some of the titles include: The Dip, Linchpin, Purple Cow, Tribes, and What To Do When It’s Your Turn (And It’s Always Your Turn). His most recent book, This is Marketing, was an instant bestseller in countries around the world. His most recent book can be found here:

He has conducted several TED talks and some of our Camden Writers Inc members believe he is a giant in marketing! Please visit his link below for more information:

The best way to describe Bryan Collins is that he is a writer and a storyteller. Some of our Camden Writers Inc members call him an imagineer! Bryan is skilled in implementing creative ideas into practical form. His book, The Power of Creativity, helps young new writers in discovering how to build creative habits, face their fears and change their life. Please visit his link below for more information:

Nancy Strauss taught creative and expository writing at the University of Michigan before moving to the Czech Republic and then Spain. Since then, she has worked as an English teacher and consultant, published a book about online communities, and founded a content writing and translation company. She has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in English from Oberlin College. Her online courses cover many areas of interest for new writers. Please visit her link below for more information:

Born in Ontario, Canada, Barbara Kyle trained at the National Theatre School of Canada and went on to enjoy a twenty-year acting career playing diverse characters from Shakespearean heroines on stage to starring roles in daytime TV dramas and Disney made-for-TV movies.

Barbara then used her dramatic experience to turn to writing fiction. Her seven-book “Thornleigh Saga” series, set in 16th century England, follows a middle-class family’s rise through three generations and three tumultuous Tudor reigns. In addition to this series, Barbara has three acclaimed thrillers written under her pen name Stephen Kyle. Over half a million copies of her books have been sold worldwide.

Barbara’s book for writers, Page-Turner: Your Path to Writing a Novel that Publishers Want and Readers Buy has helped writers around the world. Her new novel of suspense is The Man From Spirit Creek. For more information, please visit her website at the link below:

K. M. Weiland is the award-winning and internationally published author of the acclaimed writing guides Outlining Your Novel,Structuring Your Novel, and Creating Character Arcs,as well as Jane Eyre: The Writer’s Digest Annotated Classic, the historical/dieselpunk adventure Stormingthe portal fantasy Dreamlanderthe medieval epic Behold the Dawnand the western A Man Called Outlaw.

Ms Weiland approach in creating powerful themes emerges from the conjunction of strong plots and resonant character arcs. In her website a starting writer can learn to plan and implement theme in a way that deepens their ability to write stories that stay with readers long after the end.

When asked why she writes, Ms Weiland said stories are like breathing. Life without a story in her head is one-dimensional, stagnant, and vapid. She loves what she does but believes she loves it better because she is able to live out so many other lives on the page. “When I sit down at my computer and put my fingers on the keys, I can be anyone or anything, at any time in history. I write because it’s freedom.” Please visit her link below for more information: