Short Stories


She was waiting, restless, negative thoughts feeling her mind.  What if?  Maybe if? Doubts, always doubts filling her mind. Pacing around the room she reviewed once again, what she had written but as it had been happening lately, she could not go through the whole story. Her mind perhaps tired of it refused to continue. Enough was enough.

It was the last story she had written and sent to the publisher, the one she liked, really liked and was so excited about it when she finished writing it, but now when her mind started analyzing it seemed worthless, too simple, uninteresting.  Hundred of ideas come and go in her mind. Why didn’t she write this instead of that?

Two months had already passed.  She tried to concentrate on other unfinished stories.  Why did she ever think that her story would be well liked?  Why was she always dreaming of becoming a successful writer?  Why in her mind she visualized little faces listening to her stories with interest and wonder?

Another week dragged itself.  She tried to distract herself from reading, but she could not concentrate.  She switched the computer on and checked for emails.  She read, and read again without believing it, Paula Stewart publishing?  Her heart beats were getting faster and faster, suddenly she was afraid of reading the email sent by the publisher.

She waited for a while and then trying not to think in the context of the email, she opened it, and there in front of her eyes the magic words appeared:  “Please contact me; we need to meet to discuss the publishing of your book.”

She read the words again and again. After a while she was not able to see the words in front of her anymore, as tears of joy had filled her eyes.

Georgina Rozas  ©    2020.


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