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These are the titles of the sample short stories or poems available for you to download and enjoy.
Alle Lloyd—‘A Red Flag and a Toilet Seat at Long Reef.
Chris Marston-Hillier—‘Wrong Address’
Evan Lepherd—‘Getting Old’
Gary Ireland—‘Accident’
Jane Pike—‘The Arrival of Harry’
Judy Norris—‘Sliding Doors’
Ken Morrell—The Library Card’
Susan Schrader—‘Spiral’
Susannah Thompson—‘Seven Thousand Bags’
Trish Rowland—‘You Think?’
Pat Hunt — Iconic Birds

Gary Ireland

Gary Ireland is a retired schoolteacher who spent most of his career in country New South Wales. He has written the expositoryand argumentative material all his professional life and also as a lay preacher, but only commenced writing fiction 18 or so years ago.


Jan Lepherd

Jan Lepherd joined Camden Writers in 2002. She has published a number of illustrated children’s books. In 2009 Jan won first prize and Australian Grand Champion in a Creative Writing Competition organised by the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association. She also won first prize in the 2011 Macarthur Eisteddfod for creative writing.


Ken Morrell

Ken has often called himself a scribbler rather than a writer. He has written humorous country verse and short stories for many years and has had small success in competition. His work has been read on the ABC several times. He enjoys self-publishing his work as booklets to give away to family and friends. His dream of being a Mills & Boon author has faded with time and now he writes solely for the amusement of the Camden Writers Inc and its readers.


Chris Marston-Hillier

Chris Marston-Hillier came to Australia from England in 1970 after travelling widely. Chris Joined the Camden Writers in 2004 and enjoys the freedom of writing. Chris has published two books of short stories.


Susannah Thompson

Susannah Thompson has moved from Melbourne. She has worked as a researcher and editor. Susannah is drawn to satirical material and is working on a novel and enjoying the dynamics of the Camden Writers Inc. each month.


Jan Pike

Jan is a storyteller from an early age. Writing and reading were her favourite subjects throughout her school life. She came to Camden 34 years ago and worked in a small school in the district for 25 years, always enjoying the contact with the children. Now retired with four grandchildren of her own, she joined the Camden Writers intending to pursue her passion for writing.


Trish Rowland

Teresa Rowland started writing at the age of 39. She found out from her sister that she always had an imagination, wanting to take her to magic places. Now, through writing, Trish can take her grandchildren and anyone else to those places.


Evan Lepherd

Evan Lepherd is an occasional writer. Being interested in computers he has been co-opted to publish this, his 14th issue of Making a Splash.


Susan Schrader

Susan Schrader is a retired High School teacher. Married in 1981, she moved to Camden and worked part-time teaching maths and science. After retirement, she began exploring her artistic interests taking courses in writing and painting. Her hobbies include reading, photography, travel and music. She has four children and five grandchildren.


Pat Hunt

As I was a child of a military family, I had a gypsy-like childhood living in many different places. I emigrated to Australia in 1972. I had a wonderful career in sales and marketing, and now my partner and I are running a business part-time. My family is my focus now with my children and many grandchildren. I enjoy the experience of writing and hope to continue for a long time. Life has been kind to me.


Judy Norris

Judy was born and spent her formative years in England, before emigrating to Australia in 1970 where she embarked on a career in medical administration that spanned almost four decades. Having recently retired, she joined Camden Writers Incorporated and, with their help, dreams of producing a novel, which provides the escapism and pleasure, to others, that reading has always given her.

Alle Lloyd

Alle Lloyd

Alle is an ex-English teacher who taught mainly gifted students. Alle has been writing all her life but mainly in the capacity as a student studying for her Master’s degrees etc., and professionally as a teacher. It is only recently that she has been penning poems, short stories, and elements of a larger work involving her research into her family history. Alle is overwhelmingly compelled to write, seeing inspiration everywhere.


Olivia Masterfield

Olivia Masterfield loves to write. Just ask her and she will tell you!

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