Making a Splash – 2020 – Kindle


Table of contents – 2020

My Town Library

Life’s Clock

From Morning to Dusk

Walking in the Rain

Just an Ordinary Day

Human Contact

A Nice Hot Bath

Baby’s Adventure

Night Fright

March Forth

The Dimming of a Bright Mind

He Who Waits

Missy’s Book Shop

Married Young

Father Christmas Never Forgets

Obscured by Clouds


Bad Neighbours


Light in his Life

Anything but Simple

Our Lucky Country

Ghost Writer



Marnie’s School Ball

Standing Together

Cheap Grace

Old Flame

Turning the Page

Bamboozling a Cobber

Arkus was Victorious


The Dinner Party


An Affable Greeting

Two Good Kids

See No Evil

Nit Pick

Life’s Bouquet

Beware of Turncoats

Big Brothers are Always Little Monsters

The Break of a New Day

Not Out

I Am Australian

What’s in a Name?

A Jungle Adventure

I Think I’ll Skip Dessert

Thunder Eggs

Dad’s Old Table

Dragon Boat

The Train Journey



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